Yoga travel packages in Mcleodganj and Dharmsala

Mcleodganj and Dharmsala area is situated in such lovely and peaceful ambience that it is ideal for getting in tune with one’s own self. You can be one of the many tourists who come here to explore their spiritual nature by learning about Tibetan Buddhism, Indian Yoga and also meditation. There is an option to choose from the multiple techniques of yoga. , the simple, sahaj yoga, or the more refined and tough Hatha Yoga. The choice is yours. It also depends on the availability of the instructors. We do not do more of sight seeing as we want to keep ourselves focused on our inner goal. But if you wish we can change that. Please check out our sample schedule for the Yoga trip, or we can arrange one according to your tastes. Yoga travel packages in India

DAY 1: Arrival -Mcleodganj

Start the drive from Delhi, Amritsar or Chandigarh and arrive at Mcleodganj. Check in, at the hotel or enter the ashram grounds, relax, rest, have lunch and be prepared for the next day. You can spend the evening strolling in Mcleodganj, taking in the sights and sounds.

DAY 2: Introduce yourself to Yoga

Introduction to simple yet extremely beneficial yoga technique, yoga postures, and asanas is on the cards today in an early morning Yoga session. The instructor will be trained in the field and will explain to you all about these techniques. Rest, lunch and then we head to the most popular sight seeing spot, , the Tsulagkhang monastery, with the idols of Sakyamuni Buddha, Avalokitesvara and Padmasambhava which are made of gilded bronze. An important spot for Tibetan Buddhist, this place also brings people from all over to meditate and pray. Monks from different background can be seen talking, debating or meditating. Then, visit to the Norbulingka (meaning Jewel Garden) Institute, a famous place of Tibetan studies and culture and arts. Here you can purchase some art, or books if you like. Lastly we visit the Dip Thekchen Choeling Monastery with its museum and golden roof.

DAY 3:  Beginning Yoga

As you begin your yoga session on the third day with your instructor, early morning, you will learn some more advanced postures of Yoga. These postures work wonders for the normal as well as aching limbs and stretch out you entire body. A long session until lunch, after which we take a relaxed walk to Bhagsu waterfall and Bhagsu Naag temple. Swimming in the nearby pool will relax and ease you out completely. We can visit the ST. John’s Church in the Wilderness if there is enough daylight.

DAY 4: Yoga – Soul searching

Today the yoga classes will include meditation, some techniques and help you to go deeper into communion with your inner self. The lessons will help you control your mind, relax it and defocus yourself from the habitual worries, A good lunch and you will be taken in for some great massage, and hot shower (if the masseur suggests) . This will end the day perfectly. Alternatively you can walk in Dharmkot after that.

DAY 5: Being a Yogi

Putting into practice, your yoga lessons so far, today’s session will test you. You will be practicing all the asanas learnt upto now and use almost all the tips taught to you. The eye of the instructor will further guide you and suggest advancements and improvements. Post lunch and some rest, we go sightseeing into the majestic and simply marvelous Dal Lake. From there we go to Naddi on foot to see the sun setting over the horizon and visit the Dhauladhar mountain ranges.

DAY 6: Advancing further

Today is the time to learn some more complex and difficult asanas. It is a time for attention to detail. You may also chose to learn some more complex postures, if you like. The instructor will be there to solve your queries and help you make your session fun and relaxing. Spend some time making notes, talking to other fellow learners or talking to the instructor, before you head homeward the next day. The rest of the day is at your disposition. Spend it the way you like. We suggest some nearby sightseeing.

DAY 7: Back Home

Your last day at Mcleodganj will begin with an early morning breakfast and a short yoga and meditation session depending upon the time available. You’ll then ride a bus or car back to Delhi, Chandigarh or any destination of your choice.
After this beautiful and relaxing trip, you return back to Delhi or Chandigarh via bus or car, after breakfast.

Travel Package Services

TRANSPORT: In bus, private or shared car with driver.
ACCOMMODATION: Hotels, guest houses, home stays.
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to Expert. Depends upon destinations and activities chosen.
ACTIVITIES: Meditation, Yoga,  Volunteer activities,  Bird watching,  Cultural activities, Hiking
MEALS: By choice
COST: From INR 25000 (US $ 416) onwards (1 US $ = INR 60