Tourism in India during monsoon

Information about traveling in India during monsoons

Traveling in India during rainy monsoon season can be fun, in spite of what many people think.. Indeed, there are somethings which dissuade tourists like blocked roads, humid weather etc. Things like flash flood or land slides can spoil anyone’s travel plans. Even then,  tourists can enjoy their trips to India during monsoon season in a number of ways. Tourists during monsoon season get great discounts on hotels, air fares and also enjoy sightseeing in relative peace and quite as season crowds are absent.

Let us explain a little about monsoons before proceeding.

India is a huge country and is  classified as a sub-continent not only due to it’s vast area but also the mind-boggling diversity in terms of weather and landscapes  Temperate beaches in south, evergreen tropical forests in east, snow covered Himalayan mountain ranges in north, hot sandy Thar deserts in west and much more, these all make sure that tourists have numerous options and time periods in which to travel different regions of the country. As far as an optimal time to visit India is concerned, there is none.  Different regions in India have different peak-season for tourists, , but that’s beyond the scope of one article.

Raneh waterfalls during monsoon season, khajuraho, India

Raneh waterfalls during monsoon season, India

The annual rainy season in India which lasts from June to September in different parts is called monsoon season. Southern India ( parts of Kerala )  receive the earliest monsoon showers in early June. Then the monsoon clouds travels northwards covering different Indian regions in different time periods . Northern most  Indian regions receive their first monsoon showers late June or early July. Not every region experiences equal quantity of rainfall or at same time. They all have different experiences with monsoon rains. Monsoon rains play a very important in economy and lives of everyone in the Indian sub-continent.

Refreshing monsoon rains drive away heat of hot and dusty Indian summers making the conditions cooler and surroundings lush green and beautiful. People of India love rains and it’s a common sight seeing them enjoying the rainfall.  A combination of Chai ( type of milky Indian tea) and hot Pakoda (a fried salty snack) is a very popular snack during this time amongst many others

Now here are some ways in which tourists can enjoy traveling during monsoons in India

Tourism during monsoons in India

1) Savings in hotels, airlines expenses

A lot of airlines and hotels offer seasonal discounts during monsoon season due to less number of clients, which can really make a difference in your travel expenses. As most ordinary people don’t travel during rains, tourist rush is much less and you can enjoy your travel in peace and facing less crowds.

2) Different weather, landscapes and customised plans

Due to different landscapes and weather in different regions, tourists in India can plan their trips all year round. A tourist in India is not bound to dates in a calendar or weather reports to plan and enjoy the journey.

3) Cleansing season and ayurvedic sessions

Many people beleive that rains of monsoons are have a cleansing effect on earth and everything on it., Pollution due to smoke and dust is minimal and people in general are comfortable in these cooler conditions.. Ayurvedic detoxification treatments during monsoon are very popular and a lot of people avail of these,  Some plants and herbs used in certain ayurvedic treatments grow only during monsoons and the rains seem to have  good effects on potency and efficacy of certain medicines..

4) More greenery and pleasant weather

During monsoons in India, everything comes to life. The weather is pleasant, cool breeze blow almost all day long and the surroundings are covered with lush new greenery which is a relaxing sight . Places like parts of eastern and central India, Kerala, Western Ghats are even more stunning during monsoons due to clouds and greenery. A lot of rivers are in full flow and this makes for spectacular waterfalls.

Precautions for tourists in India during monsoon season

Here are some basic points that tourists should keep in mind while traveling in India during monsoons:

1) Be careful of bugs

Some dangerous and annoying bugs like mosquitoes, flies, snakes etc can [prove to be a nuisance during rainy season. Keep a bug spray or insect repellant nearby and be careful

2) Plan road trips carefully

Mountainous regions almost everywhere are prone to sudden road blockages due to landslides, flash floods etc during rainy season. Plans your road trips accordingly taking these factors in to consideration.

3) Wild life parks are closed

Almost all national parks and wild-life areas are closed for tourists during monsoons due to a number of factors. So if you are looking for a jungle safari, confirm the availability in advance.

4) Consume only safe water

Don’t drink tap water or  from untrusted sources like lakes and rivers during rainy season. Always drink bottled, boiled or filtered water.

That’s about everything that we can say about traveling in India during rainy monsoons for now. We hope that this article will prove to be of some use for tourists. Please feel free to contact us for feedback, planning your own trip or more information.

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