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Adventure toursim near chandrataal lake, Spiti, Adventure tour in India
Adventure toursim near chandrataal lake, Spiti, Adventure tour in India

Mountain tourism in India is a fast growing travel segment.  Travel in Indian mountain ranges like Himalayas, Dhualadhar with activities like trekking, biking, rafting, hiking, camping, climbing, balloon rides, para-gliding, para-motoring and many more in different regions across India is gaining popularity every day. Indian Food Tour arranges various kinds of mountain tours in different regions across India:

Himachal Pradesh:

Adventure toursim near chandrataal lake, Spiti, Adventure tour in India Himalayan mountains cover most of the Himachal Pradesh and it’s one of the most picturesque places in India.  There are many beautiful and must visit places  like Spiti, Lahual, Chamba, Manali, McLeodganj Shimla, Kullu, Pin valley etc. It’s very popular among Indian as well as as foreign tourists due to a variety of different reasons. It is one of the first places in India where adventure travel got popular.  Nowadays  adventurous tourists from all over the world visit Himachal Pradesh all through the year.

Lahaul & Spiti

Lahual & Spiti valleys are situated on border of India and Tibet. This region is influenced by a mix of Indian and Tibetan terrain and culture. It stays isolated  from outside world for most part of the year due to snow. Tourism in Spiti started in 1992 and is still relatively untouched by mindless commercialisation which is a bane of most tourist destinations elsewhere, Average altitude in this region is more than 4000 m and is home to some very rare plant and animal species like Himalayan bear, pika, snow leopard, , chinguk etc.  Lahaul Spiti is a heaven for adventure junkies looking for trekking, camping, mountain climbing, wild life watching and even adventure rides via bikes, motorcycles or off-road vehicles.

Adventure Tourism in Lahual and Spiti

We provide some very good travel services in Lahaul and Spiti. You can contact us for anything related to adventure travel and spending any amount of time in this region.  For adventurous seeking tourists, we arrange adventure activities like trekking, camping , climbing, motor bikes, as well as tours by off-road vehicles.Anything that a tourist might need like , guides, means of transport, adventure gear food, places to stay etc. are available.

Hotels and Camping in Spiti

We provide places to stay like campsites, hotels, homsestay and guest-houses which provide great services at lowest possible price. Our one of a kind campsite near  Chandrataal lake is suitable for sedate as well as more adventurous tourists. We provide everything related to camping and trekking like tents, hot water, hot meals, sleeping bags, mats etc. Apart from that, we have hotels and guesthouse in Kaza, Kibber and Komik.


Dharmshala and McLeodganj  Dharmkot waterfall, trekking in India

McLeodganj is a small but picturesque town in  Dhauladhar mountain range on an altitude of 2100 meters. It’s the seat of Tibetan government in exile and Dalai Lama lives there. This place is a big attraction for spiritual tourists looking to learn Yoga and study Tibetan Buddhism.  McLeodganj is studded by a large number of cultural as well as natural gems. Tsuglag Khang (Dalai Lama’s temple), Namgyal Monastery, Triund, Bhagsu waterfal, St John in the wilderness church and Dal lake are some of the more popular places of attractions. The  town in a great place for long  walks as well as trekking expeditions.

Adventure Tourism in Mcleodganj

9 km trek to Triund (2900 meters) is one of the easiest and most popular trekking activity in Mcleodganj. . Some people go 4 km further to  snowline at Laka Got (3900 m), 4 km away.Some trekkers spend the night at Triund, others come back the same day.  Mcleodganj is also the base for various longer treks which can last for weeks and lead to or pass through  Kangra, Chamba, Kullu and Spiti.
Indian Food Tours arranges such  short as well as long trekking expeditionsby arranging guides, good quality gear, food, places to stay etc.
For tourists searching for spirituality, we help arrange Yoga classes and stays in peaceful retreats away from noise of big cities.



Uttarakhand is also called Land Of Gods due to a large number of Hindu pilgrimage which are spread all over the state. This state in Himalayan mountain range is known for it’s beautiful mountains, valleys and rivers. 93% of state’s total land area is covered by mountainous and 64% is covered by forests. Thereby making it one of the best places in India for adventure travel and also for people looking to spend some time close to nature.

Adventure Torism in Uttrakhand

 Skiing & Trekking

A lot of places in Uttarakhand are suitable for adventurous activities like trekking and skiing. Valley of Flowers, Chopta, Hemkund, Pindari, Tungnath, Chandrashila, and Auli are very popular amongst trekkers. Auli is also a popular skiing destination. These different places provide varying levels of challenge for trekkers.  Valley Of Flowers is an easy trek which can be covered in 1 or 2 days without much difficulty. On the other hand, trekking in Pindari (3600 meters altitude) may take 7-8 days in good weather conditions

Rishikesh para-motoring in India. Adventure tourism

Rishikesh is an important pilgrimage town located on Himalayan foothills where river Ganga (Ganges)  enters plains of India after traveling through Himalayan mountains. The town is very popular for it’s spiritual as well as natural wealth. It’s one of the must visit destinations for Hindu pilgrims as well as adventurous tourists. Rishikesh is particularly suited for comparatively mild adventure activities which are suitable for beginners under expert supervision such as river rafting, bungee jumping, short treks, cliff jumping, and camping.
There are quite a few Yoga ashrams spread in and around Rishikesh. A large number of people who want to learn more about Hindu spirituality and Yoga visit them all around the year


Adventure Tourism in Other Parts of India

Apart from Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh mentioned above, there are many other adventure tourism destinations in India like Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Laddakh and others. We arrange adventure tours with activities like para-gliding, ballon rides and related activities in Delhi and Rajasthan  too. Please contact us by emailing info @ or by filling up the contact form for details:

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