Kayaking and Rafting in Rishikesh, India

Welcome to the world of river rafting and kayaking. You are with the current flow of the sport which is fast gaining its much needed popularity. The Ganga enters the Indian terrain here and it is quite easy even for beginners to raft, as well as for those who want to take it seriously. We have Grades ranging from mild Grade I to Grade II and III+ to suit all your requirements. Also you have the option of a single day or multiple day expeditions, along with camping on the beds of the Ganga. Rafting, Kayaking in Rishikesh, India

Every kayaking expedition is done under expert supervision. We typically start by driving to the start point where you are trained in the ways of kayaking. This training needs to be taken quite seriously. A meal is provided, if you have chosen that package and then comes the time for collecting safety gears such as life jackets and helmets and of course, paddles. You will always be accompanied by trained staff that will be there to help you in times of need.

Short Duration Rafting – Rishikesh

With these short trips, we have options ranging from the shortest 3 hour trip to the longest 5 hour trip. The 5 hour trip is for36 km. Finding a middle way you can also go for the 16 km trip. The rafting trip is inclusive of transport by road to the start-up point, a short training, meal (depends on your package) and the real rafting. Anyone can attempt these rafting expeditions, even newcomers. The cost ranges with reference to the size of your group and length of the trip.

3 Days Rafting Trip: Dev Prayag to Rishikesh

Beginning fro Dev Prayag, we start this 3 day long rafting trip, to reach Rishikesh.

DAY 1: Getting acquainted with the River Ganga

Driving to Bhagwan, a place near Dev Prayag we meet our team and our instructors. We attend a small training session with them and make preparations. The start is made by making some easy rapids.. We do not drain you out completely today as we spend most of the time being one with the Ganga, spotting wildlife, and swimming. The night is in the beach camp.

DAY 2: Rafting over the waters.

On day two, we float through 30 km. It is mostly an uneventful day with a few rapids here and there. We pass through dense forested area and may be a village or two. We might also see some wildlife.. Night stay will be in the beach camp or a rest house.

DAY 3: White water rafting 

Time to get serious with the rapids. They are as interesting as their names. We master some rapids like Three Blind mice, Cross fire, Daniel Dip, Roller Coaster, Gold Course and Body Surfing. Wit h some hard work and sweat along with the team we cross this. We end the trip by partaking a good lunch or early dinner in Rishikesh

Kayaking in Rishikesh

Kayaking is as much fun as rafting and there is not much difference between the two. But before a kayak can be rented out to you, some requirements need to be fulfilled. You will have to take a test to prove your ability to handle the boat and take care of yourself. Also only who pass the test are allowed to rent the equipment, according to the rules. An instructor will accompany you at all times. We also arrange a four day kayaking trip to meet your needs. Feel free to contact us for more information on our email info@ indiafoodtour.com or fill up our form.

Activity Details

  • TRANSPORT: Rafts, Kayaks, in private or shared car with driver, bike or foot.

  • ACCOMMODATION: Beach or jungle camps.


  • ACTIVITIES: Kayaking, river rafting, swimming,  Bird watching,  Hiking,  sightseeing,

  • DURATION: 3 Hours to 4 days

  • MEALS: According to choice

  • COST: From INR 450 onwards ( US $ 7.5) At 1 US $ = INR 60