Indian food for travelers in India

Indian Food

India is a land of amazing diversity which can make your head spin. Majestic mountains, lush green forests, expansive desert, luscious fields and so much more; something like this colossal variety of India’s natural environment is found in very few places. This amazing landscape gives rise to cultures as diverse and beautiful, each one with it’s unique language, customs and food, but still uniquely Indian. The food in different regions are adaptations of the environment as well as the crops and spices available. From salty butter tea of Laddakh in north to coconut beer of Kerala in south, from dhokla of Gujarat in west to hilsa fish of Bengal in east, Indian cuisine is as varied, full of colours and flavours as the land itself.

While the Hindu and Jain traditions of India have helped create a very flavourful vegetarian cuisine, influx of Islam helped in making non-vegetarian Mughalai cuisine popular. Kebabs (kababs) of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian type have become extremely popular and Indian chefs over the ages have created some signature  kebabs of their own, enriching this family of food even more.  Seafood has always been very popular in coastal as well as inland regions and is prepared in a variety of ways. Fish is a staple food in many parts of India and certain varieties like hilsa are considered specialised delicacies.

According to their experiences from Indian food served in various cities around the world, many people think that Indian food is spicy and for most people spicy is equivalent to chilli. This couldn’t be further from truth. Most of places serving so-called Indian food serve things which taste not even remotely like properly prepared, authentic Indian food. Indian food is spicy, but spicy has many more flavours and ingredients than just chili. To be fair, chilli is indeed an important part of Indian cuisine, but it is just one of hundreds of ingredients which make authentic Indian food unique and worth eating.

Indian Food For Travelers

Traveling foodies find India a dream come true not only in terms of sights but also taste. There is something for everyone, ranging from strict vegetarians to most dedicated carnivores. If you like spicy food, you couldn’t be in a better place. If you don’t, you’ll still find hundreds of dishes to suit your palette. If the food is too spicy, you can soothe your stomach with milky lassi and get ready to eat some more.

Unless you visit India, you will never know what makes Indian food so popular and full of flavours. Your taste buds will thank you for it.
Indian Food Tour aims to showcase all these details about Indian cuisine in a fun, safe and affordable way to people from all over the world. If you are planning to visit India, let us know. We’ll help you with creating a travel itinerary which will take all of your preferences in to account and help you explore India and it’s cuisine according to your own pace.


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