Hamta Pass to Chandra Taal Lake Trekking

You will encounter a lot of variety in the terrain as we pass from Hampta Pass in Kullu valley region to Chandra Lake in Spiti region. This trek requires trekkers to cross a wide variety of landscapes like glaciers, valleys, grasslands, high altitude deserts and pine forests. This trek should not be taken by beginners.

Day 1. From Manali to Jobra to Chika Trekking and Hiking in Himachal Pradesh, India

On the first day we go to Jobra village, from Manali, by car. Jobra is a nice little village at 3200 m with a lovely view of the lush pine forests. Resting here for some time we take in the sights and have a cup of hot tea. We walk now to Rani Nala through a forest and a meadow and then pass through the stream. We will reach Chika and set up the camp for the night.

Day 2. From Chika to Jwara to Balu Ka Gera

Early next morning, we have breakfast and then pack our camping gear and then walk along side the stream, or river. After crossing it, without wetting ourselves, we reach our next destination, which is Jwara,, which is a valley amongst the majestic mountains. The Dhauladhar mountain range is visible from here, for the first time. As we walk a little further we go into higher altitudes. The next destination is Balu –ka Gera (bed of sand). The sand is brought here by the river. Night stay is in the camp

Day 3. From Balu-Ka-Gera to Shea Goru to Hampta Pass

Today, as we follow the river flow, we go towards our first incline on this trek. About 40 minutes later, we cross and reach level ground. The view is breath taking, ideal for photography. Some rest later, the walk starts again along the ridge and we head to Hampta Pass at 4600 m. we have to be careful while walking downhill, but if there is snow, we can slide down. Then we enter the Spiti area, and we see the river again. In a place called Shea Goru, we camp for the night.

Day 4. From Shea Goru to Chatru

Again walking along the river, we see barren terrain, with little or no vegetation, maybe small shrubs, and some little grass patches. After walking for 3 hours or so, we reach a flat area. We leave the beautiful mountains behind us. We also cross some glacial flows and this can take some more time. We reach Chatru by evening, to set up our camps there and spend the night.

Day 5. From Chatru to Chota Darra

From now on, the walk will be up the river, and we pass the settlements on the way. The local villagers depend on farming, cattle and gathering plants and herbs for their daily needs. Villagers also migrate to warmer places during winter to come back later. The landscape is rough, rocky at times. There are also occasional landslides. We then go to the last stop for the day which is Chota Darra.

Day 6. From Chota Darra to Batal

After we have breakfast the next morning, we keep walking and the landscape remains the same as before. The first stop for the day is Batal. A lot of vehicles rest here as it is a major resting point in this region. One route form Batal leads to Kaza via Kunzum La and one more leads to Chandra Taal Lake. The dhabas in this area offer dinner, or lunch and also a place to rest at night.

Day 7. From Batal to Chandra Taal Lake

Breakfast done, we go to Chandra Taal Lake. A steep incline follows as we go ahead but after 2-3 km it eases out. We walk for 4-5 hours, we finally reach the site of the camp,near Chandra Taal Lake. We do not camp near the lake for about a km, due to the ecosystem being sensitive, but we camp a little further and then walk to the Lake to enjoy its beauty.

We have two choices now. We go to the car to go back, or we go to visit Samudri Taapu , a nearby destination.

Travel Package Services

  • TRANSPORT: On foot, in private car or SUV with driver.

  • ACCOMMODATION: Campsites.

  • ENDURANCE LEVEL: Medium to Expert.

  • ACTIVITIES:  Trekking, Camping, Mountain climbing,  Bird watching,  Hiking

  • DURATION: 7 days 

  • MEALS: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

  • COST: Variable