Food Walks in India

India is one of the best places in the world for food walks. Each region in India has a different cuisine which makes for a unique experience in every place one does it. Food avialable in New Delhi will be completely different from that served in Jaipur and so on. Indian cuisine is mostly famous for it’s use of spices which too differ from place to place and their usage in different manner imparts a different taste in each dish. Additionally, as the culture, way of life, language etc of different places is also unique, food walks in Indiaexploring those places via a food walk becomes a fun, informative and unique way of spending time in the city.

Indian Food Tour offers food walks in numerous cities across India which are highly acclaimed and popular among tourists of all types. These food walks showcase not just the cuisine of the places, but also the sights, way of life and numerous hidden attractions. As of now, we are offering food walks in following cities:

New Delhi : Multiple award winning food walks in New Delhi. These tours cover Old Delhi, New Delhi and food joints which are between 60 to 120 years old.

Jaipur: Food walks in Jaipur which cover all the hidden corners and best food places of the royal Pink City.

Udaipur: The city of lakes has more to offer than just sights. The culinary tour include the best dishes of Mewari cuisine .

Jodhpur: Marwadi cuisine of Jodhpur includes a wide variety of sweet dishes as well as hot chillies.

Mumbai: Mumbai cuisine is the potpourri of many different cuisines from western and south India and very unique.

All our food walks offer the following:

  • Unlimited food and drinks. Depending upon type of food tour chosen,¬†12-24 different food items from a variety of food joints spread all across city.
  • Pickup and drop at hotel in air-conditioned vehicles
  • Coverage of some beautiful and interesting places in addition to food
  • Duration: 2 to 9 hours for different tours. Covers two consecutive meals, either breakfast-lunch or lunch-dinner.
  • Completely private and exclusive tours tailored possible. No minimum group size and are available even for individual guests.
  • Focus on hygiene, safety and best Indian food suitable for each guest.
  • English speaking guides with good communication skills. Translators for other foreign languages available if needed,
  • Accessories like bottled water, wipes, sanitizer etc provided free of cost.