Cooking Courses in India

Learning to cook Indian food has never been easier. There are dozens of different cuisines in India each with some signature dishes which have become famous world over.  Chicken Tikka, different types of curries, Dosa, Idli, Chai have won numerous dedicated fans world over. Some of these dishes are complicated and take quite a bit of practice to make properly while others are quite easy and can be prepared in minutes. The most sought after secret for Indian cooking is the proper use of spices which eludes most people and comes only with experience. For people who want to learn all the secrets of Indian cooking, Indian Food Tour offers specialised cooking classes in different cities of India. cooking courses in India

Each cooking course is different and can be adjusted to include certain dishes, cuisines or any other point of interest as shared by the guests. The duration of each such class differs from 5 hours to a few days depending upon the type of education required. For example a half day cooking class can include the following dishes:

  •  1-2  Daal (lentils)
  •  2-3 different types of breads (rotis and paranthas).
  •  1-3 different vegetables
  •  1 sweet dish
  •  Masala Chai
  •  Snacks such as pakodas, samosa.
  •  Meat curry and/or meat tikka.
  •  Lassi

The above mentioned list is just a sample and can include other dishes from different cuisines for different types of courses. Price of such classes starts from INR 4500  ($75) per guest. Private classes are also arranged upon request. All these cooking courses are led by qualified chefs with deep understanding and experience with different varieties of Indian cuisines.  Contact us to know more or book a cooking course for yourself. Depending upon your requirements and schedule we will arrange a suitable cooking class for you in select cities.