Adventure Sports in Rishikesh

Bungee jumping, Zip Lining, Swing Jumping in Rishikesh, India

Who wouldn’t like to experience the joy of Bungee jumping and other adventure activities after coming to Rishikesh. Other activities include Swing and zip lining. For the bungee jumping activity, we take the guests to a platform which is about 80 meters high and secure them with a harness and elastic ropes. The elastic ropes help you to fall slowly breaking the fall. You will experience a thrilling joy, never experienced before. You may choose to do this alone or with your partner. After all the adventure activities the guests are provided with their pictures, videos and a certificate. Rishikesh bungee jumping and adventure sports


TRANSPORT : If needed, In private or shared car with driver,
ACCOMMODATION: Not applicable.
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Minimum age: 12 years. Minimum and Maximum weight: 20 kg to 130 kg.
ACTIVITIES: Bungee jumping, Zip lining (Flying Fox),, Swing jump.
DURATION: Variable
COST: From INR 2500 onwards ( US $ 42)

Bungee Jumping  
We have had a special team coming from New Zealand to set up this activity. It is the most sought after adventure sport. From over a small rivulet of the river Ganga, you perform the task. The water is quite shallow, about 0.5 to 1 meter, usually. You are then lowered in the river waters, and the harness removed.
Zip Lining
At the same place, we also offer Zip lining activity. It is done over the 2 banks of the river. At a height of 7 meters, you are fitted with a harness to secure you on one side and made to fall pulled by gravity. Speeding at 160 km, everything becomes a blur. It can again be done alone or with 3 other people. The solo fall might cost you a little extra.
Swing Jumping
Using the same Bungee jumping platform, we perform swing jumping. Here, after securing the tourists with a chest harness they are made to jump from the platform. Once initialized, the ropes make you swing like to and fro, 10 meters above the jungle with the river beneath you. Then you are lowered into the shallow waters of the river.