8 Days Culinary Travel Package of India with a Chef

This detailed culinary tour package covers the famous Golden Triangle of India which includes Delhi, Agra, Jaipur plus Jodhpur and Udaipur. This golden triangle or The Great Indian Samosa Tour as we like to call it, specialises in showcasing best of Indian food and cuisine.This tour package is a great choice for tourists who want a special introduction to the expansive and multiple Indian cuisines. The best food from Northern and West Indian cuisines are covered, in addition to all the essential sight seeing in the three cities. The culinary activities will be the food tours, cooking classes, kitchen tours, restaurant visits and are guided by a chef, so that you can cover each detail

DAY 1: Delhi- Food tour food tour delhi

Our first day in Delhi, begins as we visit some of more prominent Delhi landmarks. We see the Lotus Temple, a Baha’i house of worship built in 1986 and a 72 m tall tower built in 1193, the Qutub Minar. By noon we begin the acclaimed and award winning food tour of Delhi, starting with old Delhi. A great way to be introduced to Indian cuisine and culture, this trip will set the mood for the rest of the trip. You will get to sample about 15-18 varieties of food dishes, characteristic to north Indian food culture, as you visit 10 food joints in Old Delhi, Central and South Delhi. The food joints that you will visit have been there since many generations and are known for their quality and taste of the food that they provide. The oldest place that you will visit is 110 years old and the youngest is 40. This trip in the old part of Delhi will find you walking through the narrow medieval streets of Delhi. Here you will sample many Indian delicacies like samosa, lassi, butter chicken, kulfi (Indian ice cream), melt in the mouth kebabs and many such variants. You will see that the different lanes are marked for selling different types of goods ranging from invitation cards, spices, camera, utensils, bicycles, clothes, shoes, vegetables, etc. We also go to see the spice market of Delhi and a temple which houses a charitable kitchen and feed more than 10,000 people everyday. This food walk in Delhi covers not just Old Delhi, but New Delhi with Connaught Place and parts of South Delhi as well.
Taj Mahal. Agra. Delhi Jaipur, Golden triangle of India travel packages

MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

DAY 2: Cook away

Now is the time when you actually get a chance to cook some of the different varieties dishes that you tasted the day before. We will organize a half day cooking class for you which will be guided by a chef and his family. The class begins by making of masala chai (Indian tea) and some fried Indian snacks known as Pakodas which are best enjoyed hot with chutney (dips). You will enjoy your chai and pakodas as the chef gives an introduction about Indian food and the expectations he has from you to make the most of this cooking class. Now you actually start cooking. You will be taught to cook some dishes which make for staple Indian meals like daal and pulao, egg plant raita, rotis and stuffed parathas (stuffed and fried rotis). You will also learn to make some delicious Indian vegetable and dessert such as halwa, kheer etc. If non-vegetarian dishes are included, then you can have butter chicken, chicken tikka and mutton curry. We now have a sumptuous spread of dishes in front of us which we will savor in the form of a meal. At the end of the class the chef will gift you with the small spice hamper with a collection of essential Indian spices to carry back home and use in your own cooking. After the cooking class is over we can visit the India Gate, Rajpath and the President’s House. This area of Delhi is especially beautiful after dark and is a popular spot of picnic for the Delhi residents.

MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Taj Mahal. Agra. Delhi Jaipur, Golden triangle of India travel packages

DAY 3: Tour to Taj Mahal

A day to visit one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. It is a three hours drive from Delhi to Agra. We start early in the morning from Delhi. We reach Agra and check-in to the hotel. After some rest we go to visit the Taj Mahal. Any picture does not truly justify the actual beauty of the monument made completely out of white marble. You can spend some time here having a look at the intricate work and the enormous amount of effort that went in to building this monument of love. A lot of visitors then take a walk in the beautiful green gardens made even more attractive by gushing fountains. You may also wish to take some pictures on the marble benches just like some world known celebrities. After visiting the Taj Mahal, we head towards the Agra Fort made of sandstone and learn about its history walking through the various parts of the fort and enjoying the breathtaking views of the city of Agra as well as the Taj Mahal. This fort was the seat of Mughal empire for a long time and gives nice glimpse in to the life of people and various events that happened during that period.

MEALS: Breakfast and Dinner


DAY 4: Jaipur- the Pink City & it’s Elephants

culinary travel in india with chef We spend this day sight seeing in the wonderful city of Jaipur. This city is capital of Rajasthan state and is known city as the Pink City due to use of pink paint in the walled portion. Here we first go to visit the Hawa Mahal, also known as the Palace of Wind. It is a 5 story tall monument with intricate lattice work and has 953 small jharokhas (windows). After enjoying the beauty of the Hawa Mahal, we go to spend some time with the elephants in the Pink City. The elephants are gentle giant who will not harm you. Before we begin the play, you will be served a delicious traditional Rajasthani thali (lunch). After enjoying the meal, you can have as much time as you want feeding, riding and playing with the friendly and trained elephants. Then come the time to ride an elephant of your choice and ride into the jungle. We spent some time there under the open sky with the bon fire. We can also opt to have a demonstration of the handicraft and entertain ourselves with some Rajasthani folk dance.

OPTIONAL DAY 4: Tour to Jaipur Sights

Another day in Jaipur is optional. We visit the Jantar Mantar, an incredible astronomical observatory built in the early 18th century by Maharaja Jai Singh who was a great lover of art as well as technology. All the huge instruments are made of mortar but can still be used for taking astronomical observations centuries later. We then visit the Jaipur City Palace and enjoy looking at the museum. A part of the palace is still a royal residence. This museum is the best place in city to take a peek in to the history of this beautiful city and how the people and royalty shaped it in it’s current form. After that we visit the Jal Mahal which is a palace constructed on a small island in the water of the Man Sagar Lake. The attractions visited this day can be chosen by the guests according to their wishes.

MEALS: Breakfast and Dinner

DAY5: Food tour – Jaipur food tours in India with a chef

The food tour of Jaipur begins today. It is a day long trip where you get to experience Jaipur in it original ethereal beauty. After having a light breakfast and we start by visiting the bazaar in the walled city of Jaipur. We officially begin the food walk by having some salted lassi, staple drink of Rajasthan. As we walk in the streets of this Pink City enjoying the sights of the market, we can sample all the different varieties of food it has to offer. This food tour will offer you the sampling of delicious delicacies like fragrant kachoris full of flavor and special masala chai which is prepared over the charcoal fire. We will also taste the vast and wonderful array of Rajasthani sweets and snacks. We end the day by having a large platter of traditional Rajasthani Dinner. Along with sampling food, we also do some sight seeing such as Galta Jee Temple which houses a lot of monkeys and langoors and the Amer Fort. The sight seeing will depend on the time we have on hand. We do not forget to visit the local markets which are very colorful and full of activities with the lot of people selling lots of things in their shops such as shoes, bangles, jewellery, clothes, utensils, spices, artifacts. The guests will also be give a short crash course in proper use of spices used in the traditional Rajasthani cooking.

MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 6: From Jaipur to Osian

We wake up early in the morning and drive to Osain near Jodhpur. In between we visit Sambahar Lake, which is the largest salt water inland Lake in India. The area of this lake varies between 190 to 230 sq km. It supplies 9 percent of the alt production of India. Many migratory birds make this lake their home during winters, thus making it a very good attraction for bird watchers and wild life lovers. We can also visit some salt making workshops here and observe the process from up close. We later resume our ride to reach Osian and reach the camp site in Osian by evening. After some rest and relaxation, we walk a while in the desert, enjoying the lovely view of desert and the sunset. The dinner will be a traditional local meal as prepared by the locals of the place. We will sit near a bonfire under the nigh sky and enjoy the traditional song and dance performance of the local villagers.

MEALS: Breakfast and Dinner

DAY 7: Adventure in the Desert  

This 7th day will begin with a morning camel safari of the Thar desert. The ride is quite enjoyable with ever shifting sand dunes and we may also spot some elusive wild animals. A visit to the tribal village is next. Here we get a chance to spend some time with the villagers and understanding the ways of their life, by dressing up like them, spending time in their kitchens, and also with their animals. A jeep safari can also be arranged. We then take a drive to Jodhpur city, and visit the Mehrangarh Fort. This fort is is the most prominent attraction of the city and towers above the city. There are many attractions here like the Sheesha Mahal, Moti Mahla, Fool Mahal and Takh Vilas, each of it is a major attraction by itself. In the evening, we have an interactive cooking demonstration, where we will learn some tricks of the trade, and some secrets of the traditional Indian cooking, some Rajathani sweets and other dishes. These delicacies will be served in dinner.

MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

DAY 8: Journey Udaipur travelback home

On the last day of our visit, we’ll drive to tranquil Kaylana Lake and share our experiences of the journey over hot cup of tea or coffee. After the tea party, we’ll leave for Delhi via air or road.

MEALS: Breakfast


The tour can be extended if the guest wishes so with different sets of activities. Please take a look at the following options:

Optional Day 8: Jodhpur tour

Today we go to see the Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park, which I an exceptional way on reclaiming waste land. This place was overrun by an invasive plant species called bavalia Prosopis juliflora) from Central America., until 2006. Years of dedicated hard work brought this land back, and now it has more than 100 species of native flora. Next on the card is a visit to Jaswant Thada. This is an architectural marvel, and it is carved from marble sheets. The sheets being thin and polished shine in the sun. After that we visit Mandore, the ancient capital of the Parihar Rajput dynasty. You will visit the Mandore fort, and the Mandore gardens. We also visit an ancient temple which was built in the 13 to 15th century and still stands the test of time.

MEALS: Breakfast and Dinner culinary tourism in Indiaculinary tourism in India

Optional Day 8 or Day 9 : To Udaipur and Ranakpur

Early morning we wake up and drive towards Udaipur. In between we stop at the famous jain temple of Ranakpur constructed between 14th and 15th century. These temples have a characteristic architectural style and one temple contains 1444 marble pillars. These pillars are also carved in exceptional details. Later we reach to Udaipur in the evening and then we prepare ourselves for another cooking session with chef as we learn to cook many more Rajasthani dishes and have them for dinner later on.

MEALS: Breakfast and Dinner

Optional Day 8 or Day 9 : Udaipur – Ranakpur – Kumbhalgarh

Early morning we wake up and drive towards Udaipur. In between we stop at the famous jain temple of Ranakpur constructed between 14th and 15th century. These temples have a characteristic architectural style and one temple contains 1444 marble pillars. After enjoying the view and feel of the temples, we visit the Kumbalgarh fort with its 15 feet thick walls, which extend for 38 km. The wall is the second largest in Asia and has wonderfully withstood the test of time. There are 360 temples in this area. We, then reach Udaipur at night.

MEALS: Breakfast and Dinner

Optional DAY 9 or 10: Udaipur Sights

This day begins with a visit to the city palace museum to admire its great collection of medieval and historical artifacts in the palace. The palace is also built beautifully over 400 years ago and is a mix of various architectural sights. There is another temple near by known as Jagdish Temple which is also very popular. From here we go to the Fateh Sagar Lake built in 1651 on a picturesque location in between the Aravalli Hills. We can opt to do some boating here and also view the island in between to watch the sunset.

MEALS: Breakfast and Dinner

Last Day: To Delhi

The last day is kept free to accomodate the flight, train or road trip back to Delhi.food walks in Jaipur

MEALS: Breakfast

Rajeev Goyal, a chef and restaurant owner will be leading the cooking classes and food tour in Delhi. For the sight seeing tours, trained and qualified guides will be provided.

Travel Package Services

TRANSPORT: In private or shared car with driver, air or train.
ACCOMMODATION: Hotels, guest houses, heritage properties, campsites .
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to Expert. Depends upon destinations and activities chosen.
ACTIVITIES: Food tours, cooking classes, market tours, kitchen tours, Bird watching, Cultural activities, Meditation, Yoga, sightseeing, Volunteer activities
DURATION: Variable
MEALS: By choice
COST: From INR 75000 onwards ( US $ 1250) and includes all expenses mentioned above.